Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Morning One-Liners: Supermarkets are still failing inspections, Shoprite opens in Scarsdale

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NYC Department of Consumer Affairs: "NYC Supermarkets are still ripping you off." [Press Release]
DCA Commissioner Jonathan Mintz, “DCA will continue its aggressive enforcement of pricing and other consumer protection violations in the City’s supermarkets, including this year’s doubling of inspections, until these stores finally take the quality control steps necessary to get it right.”
More @ CBS: Report: City Supermarkets May Be Ripping You Off (

In Scarsdale, a Local 1500 represented ShopRite opened this week, Patch was check out the new supermarket.  January 9th will be the 'Gala Opening' with ribbon cutting.

They're [ShopRite] also holding their bi-annual can-can sale this week.

UFCW Local 1743 has filed charges against employer Klement Sausage Co., who has implemented a policy that penalizes employees for not direct depositing their paychecks.

Workers at Disney are at the bargaining table negotiating a new contract in Orlando.

Walmart has conducted another poll, this time in Charles Barron's district and the results are shockingly in favor of Walmart building a store, again. The NY Post conveniently has more.

The Neighborhood Retail Alliance posts their opinion of the Post's latest Walmart push.

Target sales dropped big in December [WSJ]

BJ's Wholesale Club announced they'll be laying off 500 workers, closing 5 stores. [BJ's Wholesale Club Workers Blog]

Today, the Department of Labor announced our Nation's unemployment rate has dropped, as we've added 103,000 jobs in December, the unemployment rate fell to 9.4%, the lowest since July 2009.  Regional and State statistics will be available on Jan. 25.
The New York Times has more and a interesting chart comparing past recoveries to this one.

Here is a statement from Secretary of Labor, Hilda L. Solis, on December's employment numbers.
Part of the strategy to create more jobs is creating more "Green Jobs".
And here in New York, if you're worried about the snow, the NY Times reassures us there is about one truck for every snowflake.  

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