Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year Morning One Liners

(Queens Edition) explains the Walmart poll,  gets a few opinions from local elected officials in Queens, U.S. Representative Weiner had to say on the issue,
“I think that Walmart is an omnivorous competitor that squashes small business wherever it goes and small business is the lifeblood of New York City,” Weiner said. “I think that people like the shopping strips of Queens, which would become ghost towns if Walmart moved to the neighborhood.”
The story also quotes the President of the local Chamber of Commerce who said no one has came up to her, asking for a Walmart in the neighborhood.  Read the entire spot here:  

More @ The Queens Courier 

From Racked via WWD, gives a nicely detailed report on the potential Walmart NYC store format (with picture) with quotes from Steven Restivo, Walmart's Northeast Director of Community Relations, questioning the NYC Council hearing.

Next Animation TV created an interesting video of the Walmart/NYC saga.  The Observer has more.
NY Mag tell their readers that 'Wal-Mart Will Invade Brooklyn Come Hell, High Water, Or Lack of Parking Space', and asks, why won't Walmart listen to our disinterest and why do we need a Walmart in NYC?

In non-Walmart news, there will be a CB-11 hearing tonight on the new Fairway in Douglaston, Queens. [Patch]

Upstate NY, Supermarket Price Wars: Weis Markets, Wegman's Aldi, Walmart, Price Chopper continue.

Boston Herald: BJ's Takeover Back in the Spotlight

In Manchester, Iowa, a Mom & Pop store owner is circulating a petition to not allow Walmart's grocery expansion of their store.  The family operated store "Main Street Market" would be in jeopardy of closing if the Walmart expansion would occur. [Chicago Tribune]

Andrew Cuomo is seeking a One-Year salary freeze for all state employees. [NY Times]

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