Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday's Mid Week One-Liners: Store Closings, BJ's, Acme, Shaw's

NY1 ran another story on Walmart in NYC, interviewing a Walmart spokesman.
The new Fairway Market in Douglaston, Queens will open by the end of the summer. [Patch] [NY Daily News]

Walmart tried building a store on a Civil War battle field, so what why wouldn't they try and build a store in Paradise, California.  Just seems weird, to have a Walmart in a place called Paradise.

Store Closings
BJ's Wholesale Club announced they're laying off 500 workers and closing 5 stores.

Shaw's also announced they'll be closing five stores, three in Rhode Island and two in Connecticut.  So far they've been silent on how many workers the closings will affect, read more @ Boston Globe.

And one more company announced store closings, Acme announced they will close five Philadelphia stores by the end of February.
Must Read: WNYC Blog, Conservatives Use Blizzard to Push Anti-Labor Agenda
Online Organizing was the key to an IEBW Organizing victory this August, read the entire article @ the AFL-CIO Blog.

Bloomberg News reports that Royal Ahold, (Owners of Stop and Shop Supermarket) is more likely to make an acquisition in the U.S. than to sell any units in the country.

Stop & Shop is likely to cut and move workers from it's Quincy headquarters. asks if the D.C. Mayor will support 'Good Jobs' or 'Walmart'.

Walmart is having a lot of trouble with environmental studies in Orchard Park, Buffalo.

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