Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Mid Week One-Liners: Walmart Buys its Way into Africa, Will NYC be next?

"Despite the advent of democracy in 1994, South Africa remains one of the most inequitable societies in the world, said Tyotyo James, deputy-president of the Congress of South African Trade Unions.”The acquisition of 51% of Massmart by Walmart will cut out even more local ownership of one of the major retail players in the country."
After Walmart's 51% bid on the major retailer Massmart was approved this week. "Walmart buys its way into Africa"

In Walmart's latest PR move they've donated a bunch of $$ to Food Bank's and are now offering healthy food, thanks, it's 2011, guess that's a good year to start offering healthy food.

Small business poll finds Walmart is not welcome in NYC. [NY Daily News]

Here's eight reasons we should keep Walmart out of major cities.

Sources say that Stop and Shop is eying a former Shaw's site in New Haven, CT.

John Castimatidis, Gristedes Owner "Walmart is a real danger to the overall economy and character of NYC" read the entire Op-Ed in the NY Daily News.

Blog: Walmart is trying to invade NYC.  

A Walmart grows in Brooklyn, not if we can help it...

ABC News: Report, NYC Walmart would lower wages.

Yahoo! says it's only a matter of time for Walmart in NYC.

More media outlets are covering drug stores, Target and Walmart's desire to sell you groceries.

Walmart may team up with the UDC (University of District Columbia Community College) to combat many concerns with their flawed employment practices.

It's not just a domestic problem with Walmart, across the world they're notoriously known for exploitation of workers, in South Africa they're getting a lot of resistance for buying out the retail chain Massmart and attempting to monopolize the South African retail market.
Now that the Massmart deal cleared all the regulatory hurdles, a massive boycott is being planned for all Walmart/Massmart affiliated stores. [Financial Mail]

Yournabe: Small businesses don't want a Walmart, but are confident in retaining shoppers.

A&P's Q3 Results are "in line" with expectations. [Progressive Grocer]

A mayor in New Jersey has asked to residents to boycott a local (union) ShopRite, and it's flat out wrong.  Read the editorial here.

Target's CEO plans for Canada expansion.

Costco is receiving a $1 million tax break to open a store in Chicago.

A Williamsburg Duane Reade is offering beer on tap, yeah that says Duane Reade.

The Politicker has Mayor Bloomberg's complete 'State of the City' speech here.

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