Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday's One-Liners: Walmart Skips out on NYC Hearing & Launches a Massive PR Campaign

Walmart is skipping out on the NYC Council's hearing Wednesday, the Daily News and NY1 reports. Surprised? Speaker Christine Quinn sums it up,
"If they don't show up it's because they don't have anything to say to refute the arguments that my colleagues and myself have put forth," she said. "If they did ...why wouldn't they come and rub my face in it?"
Crain's NY has a list of questions (or cheat sheet) for the panel, and City Council for Wednesday's Walmart hearing.

If you haven't heard Walmart has launched a massive PR campaign to open up here in NYC.  They launched a website ( and are advertising all over the radio and print (NY Post, NY Daily News).  The Village Voice gives their thoughts on  Crain's NY reports on the PR push.  Then there is this guy from New Jersey who demands a Walmart in NYC (via of course). The New York Times says the site looks more like a politician's campaign website than a retailer's website.

Don't forget about Target, they've just announced their plans to remodel 400 'general merchandise' stores throughout 2011 to include groceries. [AP]

A lot in Somerville, NJ is being cleared for a ShopRite.

A&P was approved for an $800 million loan on Monday afternoon. [Bloomberg News]

The Record: Struggling A&P chief handed tough task.


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