Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Morning One-Liners:

Study confirms: Bigger the Walmart, Fatter the Shoppers. Walmart makes you fat.

But wait, they're offering healthy foods now, right? BNET looks at why Walmart's "Healthy Food" campaign is doomed: 
That’s because  Walmart’s two-pronged pledge — 1) to reduce sodium, trans fat and sugar in its Great Value brand of packaged foods and 2) to somehow reduce the prices of fruits and vegetables — is a superficial solution to a deep-rooted problem. Read the entire article here:
Eurasia Review is not happy about what's happening to New York City, Walmart coming may be the final straw.

Walmart is also asking the Supreme Court to protect them from Wage Discrimination cases, what!? Check out the informative story at the Huffington Post.

Poverty in America looks at Bill de Blasio's report "Walmart in NYC would lower retail wages"

UFCW Local 1776 rejected Acme's contract offer. More: 'Acme Workers Don't Want Buyouts'

Ahold reported 'Strong Q4' numbers. [Progressive Grocer]
Ahold USA, fourth-quarter net sales were $5.6 billion, a 6.0 percent rise when compared with adjusted fourth-quarter 2009 sales. 

Washington Post looks at why Supermarket Stocks are slumping.

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