Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Morning One Liners...

CHICAGO - JULY 27:  Bottle of Pepsi's Aquafina...Aquaina is charging $2.99 for 24-pack of bottled water.

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The Castleton Corners King Kullen (Staten Island) supermarket originally scheduled to close today will remain open through the middle of January, according to a representative for the landlord. 

Stop & Shop will pull the plug on 43 in-store Starbucks.

Publix is opening a hybrid organic store.

A new survey shows that women are gloomier than men about the economy.

Bottled water manufacturers are cutting prices to compete with consumers who have turned to tap water and brita to cut costs and reduce environmental wastes. 

Time Magazine looks at the website 'People of Wal-Mart'

Wal-Mart development defeated in Manor, Pennsylvania.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Detroit's Food Deserts, Whole Foods Upper West Side, Friday Morning One Liners...

NEW YORK - AUGUST 27:  Protesters march in fro...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Detroit launches 'Food Deserts Program'

Racked has a sneak peak at the Upper West Side Whole Foods, which opens today.

Report: Food Prices are likely to increase as the economy improves.

Trader Joe's was named "Breakaway Brand" of 2009.

Stop & Shop helps customers make ends meet with new value program.

Single-Payer Health Care advocates picket Whole Foods in NYC.

Whole Foods has a whole big problem with customers.

Toyota officials voted to close a unionized plant in California yesterday.

Patterson signed an anti-texting law yesterday.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Whole Foods in NYC tomorrow, ShopRite offers Valet Parking, Wednesday News

{{w|Ted Kennedy}}, Senator from Massachusetts.Image via Wikipedia
Whole Foods
As a new Whole Foods is slated to open in New York City Thursday [97th & Columbus Ave], making it the 6th in NYC, the two co-presidents rang the opening bell today at the NASDAQ.

The New York Times writes that Whole Foods learned how hard it is to open a wine store in NYC.

The NY Post picks up the boycott Whole Foods story.

Another Pathmark slated to close in New Jersey.

Preservationists say that the Wal-Mart Civil War battle is not over yet.

ShopRite on Hylan Blvd. in New Dorp, offered free Valet Parking to customers, in order to compete with the re-opening of Pathmark, and the battle continues.

The Progressive Grocer gives the store of the Month award to Pomegranate in Brooklyn.

Botique Supermarket opens near the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

After announcing store closures in Florida yesterday, Albertsons announced 5 additional closures in Colorado.

A state Department of Labor initiative to get community groups to help identify wage and hour violations has sparked a Republican-led effort to derail the nomination of New York’s labor commissioner to a top Obama administration post.

Investment group calls for Mackey's resignation.

Wal-Mart offers a bill-paying service to its customers.

A survey concluded that fewer and fewer consumers can afford to purchase healthy food.

City, Elsewhere, Politics
Negotiations at Tropicana Casino will begin Aug. 29.

Ted Kennedy, the liberal lion, dead at age 77.

New York EZ Pass workers need your help.

Bloomberg wants cheap taxis for NYC Seniors .

The Yellow school bus picks up seniors (not high school seniors)  for a trip to the supermarket.

AFL-CIO Blog: Michael Steele continues to lie and scare about Health Reform.

David Patterson steps back from race remarks.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Good Reason to Wait

No Good Reason to Wait

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Wal-Mart will build within a Civil War battle field, New Yorkers debate boycotting Whole Foods, Tuesday One Liners...

Wal-Mart location in MonctonWal-Mart will be building a store within a cannonball shot of a historic Civil War battle field. Image via Wikipedia

Wal-Mart continues to test their Latino thread of stores, hoping it will spark more U.S. expansion.

It's official a Wal-Mart will be built on a Civil War battle field

Wall Street Journal looks at Wal-Mart's international growth and sales compared to the U.S.  Wal-Mart operates 3,615 stores internationally and 4,258 in the United States.

Wal-Mart also spent $2.6 million lobbying in the 2nd quarter.

New Yorkers debate the Whole Foods boycott on WNYC.

An interview with the creator of the Facebook group 'Boycott Whole Foods'...which has grown to over 28,000 supporters.

AP: Unions target Whole Foods CEO over health piece.

Fresh Direct is offering new environmentally friendly egg packaging.

Albertson's will close 4 more stores in Florida.

Weis Markets here said yesterday it has completed the acquisition of 11 Giant Markets locations in the Binghamton, N.Y. area. 

BJ's Wholesale Club toys with the idea of 85,000 sqft stores.

Politics, City, Elsewhere

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has named a top state labor union official its chairman, the bank announced Monday.

Crain's looks at the green rooftops across NYC.

Erick Engquist writes, if Bloomberg wins, he'll be facing a fierce watchdog

Councilwoman Maria Baez ducks out of a debate before her primary, the Daily News reports.

Guiliani, sensing an opening, continues to mull a governor bid

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Monday, August 24, 2009

UFCW Protests Whole Foods, NYC could see paid sick days soon, Monday Morning Read

Explorers LogoImage via Wikipedia

“The purpose of these efforts will be to set the record straight about health care reform and to raise serious concerns about Whole Foods CEO’s position on this critical issue,”
-UFCW statement.
New York City could soon join San Francisco and Washington in requiring paid sick days for employees — a move that could affect as many as one million workers in the city.

The Fresh Grocer, a supermarket chain committed to developing new stores in communities previously overlooked by growing businesses, opened on Friday, making its first green, eco-friendly store in northwest Philadelphia, near La Salle University. It’s the eighth store opening since The Fresh Grocer began in 1996; the next Philadelphia location is expected in Progress Plaza this December.

More Local Food? A survey in London revealed that consumers wanted all supermarkets to sell local food, local meaning food grown within a 27-mile radius.

Last week Ahold said it was preparing to unveil a significant new program starting today at its Stop & Shop and Giant-Landover chains as it winds down the Value Improvement Program.

Ahold also reported strong sales for Q2.

BJ's Wholesale Club CEO Laura Sen talks about a new store prototype...And with the new size of a store in mind the idea of expanding to Syracuse.

The jobless rate is higher in NYC than the nation's.

Retailwire: Time for John Mackey to resign.

Whole Foods Boycott group on Facebook rises to 23,000.

UFCW protests Whole Foods.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fresh Fanatic opens, City Council pushes for mandatory sick days

Dunkin' DonutsDunkin' Donuts operates 60 stores in the Bronx. Image via Wikipedia

Workers at Scott's vote in the UFCW Local 700.

Clinton Hill [Brooklyn] finally gets a supermarket, the two owners of 'Fresh Fanatic' are hoping the store becomes a destination stop for shoppers looking for superb organics. But they also want to prove that "Organic doesn't mean expensive".

City Council pushes for mandatory sick days: Businesses with more than 10 employees would have to offer nine paid sick days per year; smaller firms, five paid days. Fines of $1,000 floated

A new study looks at who has the most chain stores in the Bronx, Dunkin Donuts with 60 stores.

President Obama calls health reform a "Moral Obligation"

A flea market in Brooklyn was named #1 in the United States.

More on Seattle voting down plastic bag tax.

Sam's Club offers fair trade coffee.

70% of retailers are optimistic for 2010.

And CNN looks at 10 people who got rich during the Depression, Mike Cullen [King Kullen] one of them.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seattle says no to plastic bag tax, Boycott Whole Foods reaches 12,000 on Fbook, Wednesday Read

boycott Whole FoodsImage by via Flickr

The city of Seattle voted down a referendum that would put a 20 cent tax on all paper and plastic bags at most retail stores in the city.

The Wall Street Journal looks at supermarkets failure to upgrade their (queues) line system, .

Target's "P-Fresh" (essentially moreover a Target with more floor space for groceries)is expected to be opened in Philadelphia.

Everyday there is a new story on Whole Foods customers boycotting due to John Mackey's comments, today CNN Money and the Washington Post joined in...

If you head to Facebook, you’ll find more than 12,000 people have signed up for the new Boycott Whole Foods group.

The NY Times has more on the on again off again Whole Foods wine store in NYC.

UFCW Local 700 won an election this week at Scott's.

Despite the recession, more than 30% of 137 large retailers throughout NYC have expanded, according to the Center for Urban Future released report yesterday.

Kiss [the band], sells out...again.

Pension funds in NYC

And City Council Member Kendall Stewart lies about his endorsements.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kingsbridge Armory update, Town Hall's filled with union members, Tuesday Read....

View of Brooklyn, The Verrazano Narrows Bridge...Image via Wikipedia

UFCW and other union members are packing Obama's town halls as the Washington Post reports.

Kingsbridge Armory Supermarket:
Borough President Ruben Diaz has joined with the entire Bronx City Council delegation in opposing a new supermarket at the Kingsbridge Armory.

The Daily News picks up the story on the failures and foreclosures at Atlas Park, in Glendale, Queens.

The Wall Street Journal wonders what the Whole Foods boycott will do to the publicly traded company.

Supermarket News
and the New York Times also ran stories regarding Mackey's comments.

The New York Times previews BJ's Wholesale Club's second quarter earnings, after J.P. Morgan downgraded the stock yesterday.

A problem-plagued $22.4 million scheme to transform a 222-acre former Bronx landfill into a spectacular PGA-regulation golf course has not only missed its deadline by eight years, it will now cost an additional $100 million, The NY Post reported.


Crain's says "the Bronx is burning" over failed real estate deals.

NYC gets stimulus for affordable housing. The NY Times has more.

The New York Times also looks at the economic health in Staten Island.

Former Bronx borough president is endorsing de Blasio.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome back Bottle Bill, Monday Morning Read...

A large pile of full Poland Spring bottlesImage via Wikipedia

The heavily debated Bottle Bill is back for the attack, after a federal judge overturned the injunction that had previously halted the bill. The New York Times has more on how the State can start collecting in on what is estimated to be 10's of millions of dollars.

The Progressive Grocer covers the opening of Pathmark in New Dorp.

Last week, when Whole Foods stance on Healthcare was released, many customers are serious about boycotting the store.


The New York Times writes that Long Islanders are hopeful that the new 'Lighthouse' project in Hempstead will bring jobs, development and much needed revenue to Nassau County.

Slumlords are getting $81 million of the stimulus, despite owning hazardous buildings with numerous code violations.

The Gotham Gazette looks at the City Council District 33 race, and the changes that candidates are facing.

New polls are showing that David Patterson is far behind Andrew Cuomo for NYS Governor.

Tim Bishop has a new challenger.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

John Mackey on Healthcare, Friday Morning Read...

Whole Foods CEO John MackeyImage by JOE M500 via Flickr

Catsimatidis says in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle that the Myrtle Avenue development will be built, but depend mainly on the economy.

Former Tesco manager vows to take on Whole Foods.

ABC News reports that after John Mackey's Op-Ed in the Wall-Street Journal regarding Healthcare, more and more customers are vowing not to patronize their once favorite company and threatening a boycott.

The L.A. Times thinks Whole Foods is in a whole lot of trouble because of Mackey.

Must Read:
Produce Truck encourages Healthy Eating in Detroit: In a neighborhood served by 26 liquor stores but only one grocery, a community group is peddling fresh fruits and vegetables like ice cream.

Update on Wal-Mart's attempts to build a store on a Civil War battle field.

The price of sugar continues to increase, putting the US and food makers on alert.

Queens Crap: The end of Amish Market.

Boston pushes for paid sick days.

Long Island Immigrants are fighting for unpaid wages.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pathmark opens in New Dorp, Pomegranate turns one, Garment workers in LIC owed backwages

The Upper West Side and Central Park as seen f...Image via Wikipedia

Pathmark will re-open in New Dorp Staten Island this week. Grand Opening will be Friday at 10 AM

The Progressive Grocer looks at 'Pomegrante' the kosher and gourmet supermarket in Brooklyn, New York, turns one this month.

Supermarket News picked up the Wal-Mart looking into NYC story.

Queens Crap has a healthy discussion on Wal-Mart in NYC.

Long Island City: Garment workers owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages.
Local garment workers staged a protest against two clothing factories in Long Island City, Queens, on Tuesday. They were rallying for the rights of six Chinese workers, who allegedly are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages and allegedly were fired unlawfully from Great Wall Corp., a garment manufacturer, and Silver Fashion, a subcontractor which produces for Great Wall.

Is CVS moving into the former elegant, marble 14th Street Balducci's?

The Fresh Market is opening their second store in Philadelphia this week, the company continues to expand to the north east.

The latest government report shows more than 50% of peaches hold pesticides.

Upper West Side Whole Foods gets their own wine store.

Fresh & Easy will be launching their own private label beer.


Mayor Bloomberg will maintain control of schools until 2015.

The mayor in Houston wants to follow Bloomberg’s lead on term limits.

Christine Quinn, Marty Markowitz and Lew Fidler endorsed Darlene Mealy for re-election.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We sell a bunch of junk, UFCW news, Tuesday morning read....

Bashas' in Arizona, may close 14 more stores...

UFCW Local 222 approved a contract with BPI and Tyson Foods after months of negotiating.

The UFCW has filed an unfair labor charge against Rouses Supermarkets, claiming the retailer obstructed attempts to organize its workers, you can read the UFCW press release here.

Whole Foods CEO: We sell a bunch of Junk.


NY State Democrats worst fear: Patterson's Liability.

President Obama sets immigration changes for 2010,

City Hall looks at labor's wide range of support in the comptroller race, and how that wide range is somewhat of a reflection of NY's labor movement.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Wal-Mart eyes NYC again, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Amish Market leaves Atlas Park

Supermarket in São PauloImage via Wikipedia

“Now, more than any other time in recent memory, New York City residents want and need better access to our stores so they are not forced to travel to New Jersey or Long Island to benefit from the savings Wal-Mart provides for working families,”... “Hopefully we will be able to bring a store to New York in the near future.” -a spokesman, Philip Serghini, in an e-mail message, in yesterdays Crain's.

Here is Wal-Mart once again using the recession as a frugal attempt to enter New York City.

BJ's in Red Hook development update by the Brooklyn Papers.

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC) CEO Andrew Kimball provided details for the request for proposal for a new supermarket development. In addition to building a supermarket between 20,000 to 40,000 square-feet, the development must also include space for light manufacturing use on the second floor and it must be rated a green building LEED score of silver or higher. The BNYDC plans to choose a developer before the end of 2009.

Is Wal-Mart planning on making their own "girl scout cookies"?

The Amish Market is leaving Atlas Park.

Carolyn Maloney drops her senate bid.

DC 37 is expected to endorse Bill Thompson for Mayor.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mid-Week Round Up

Stop & Shop expands their sustainable seafood initiative.

Whole Foods profit beats estimates.

The Coney Island commission agrees to amend their plan.

Atlas Park will lose the Amish Market, in Glendale Queens.

UFCW Local 7 has extended their contract negotiations with King Soopers and Safeway, again.

Raymour and Flanigain takes the former site of Circuit City in Manhattan, a site Wal-Mart was rumored to be interested in.

A&P Shoppers will be able to digitally link coupons to their loyalty card.


While the recent 10 cent increase in the state minimum wage may indeed provide modest assistance to low-wage workers and their families, many wonder if the pay they receive will ever amount to a so-called ‘living wage.

NY Daily News: Union big shots push for Cuomo.

Carolyn Maloney is expected to announce that she will not enter the primary and challenge Gillibrand.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Morning News...

Times Square - New York City, New York / ニューヨー...Image by Jose P Isern Comas via Flickr

Chicagoans shopping at online grocer Peapod can buy their groceries for less than Ralphs customers can in Los Angles or D'Agostino customers in New York, according to a study released this week by research firm IBISWorld, based here.

Kroger has announced they have reached a tentative contract agreement with workers at 30 Dayton-area stores represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 75.

New Yorkers fight for paid sick days.

WakeUpWalmart and Wal-Mart Watch have merged.

JC Penny opened their 153,000 sqft store in Manhattan.

One day after it failed to achieve a two-thirds majority vote in the U.S. House, the Food Safety Enhancement Act was passed yesterday by a vote of 283-142.

The Village Voice looks at the changes coming to Bushwick as a new 10,000 sqft shopping center opens with an Organic grocery store anchoring the center.

And the Whole Foods Gowanus site has been tagged up.


1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East endorsed Bill de Blasio for New York City Public Advocate, and John Liu for New York City Comptroller.

Rudy Giuliani contemplates running for Governor.“I hope there’s no hope for the health care plan this year,” Rudy Giuliani said on Sean Hannity’s show.

New York Times: Cuomo playing the game of wait and see.

And Eric Gioia looks at the wide range of costs of drugs throughout NYC.
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