Friday, September 30, 2011

A&P/Pathmark Update #14

*Updated 09/30/11, 3:27 PM
The original post incorrectly reported the UFCW Locals meeting with A&P officials on Wendsday, Oct. 5th.  The meeting on October 5 will be between the 13 UFCW Locals representing A&P banner stores, not company officials.

Local 1500 Officials along with the 13 other UFCW Local unions on the A&P bargaining team are set to meet again on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011.   In the meantime we've continued to keep our elected officials aware of the A&P bankruptcy crisis.  Earlier this week, Local 1500 officials and other UFCW Local unions from New York met with United States Senator Kristen Gillibrand and discussed A&P's bankruptcy.

Additionally, the following letter was sent to New York Congressional leaders, & the New York City Council this week:

As you may be aware, on December 12th, 2010, the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P) filed a voluntary petition under Chapter 11 with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. A&P is the parent corporation of several different supermarket chains. One of those chains is Pathmark Supermarkets. 
United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500 represents over 5,000 members in Pathmark stores located on Long Island, the five boroughs and Westchester County.
Since their filing of Chapter 11, A&P has closed over 35 stores in six states and over 3,000 members have lost their jobs. Despite these closings, the company is still operating over 325 stores and employs over 30,000 UFCW members.

Along with several other UFCW Unions, UFCW Local 1500 is currently negotiating with A&P/Pathmark on possible cost savings that can be achieved from our Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Our Union’s goal, from day one of this process, has been to work with the company to reach an agreement that allows them to recover and grow economically while protecting the rights and livelihoods of our members working in their stores. That objective has not and will not change.

The A&P/Pathmark bankruptcy is a very serious situation that affects not just the workers, but the many communities these stores are located in. Should more stores close, you will see communities lose access to one of the only full-scale supermarkets in their neighborhoods and the loss of additional middle class jobs.

Realizing this situation may affect many of your constituents; this letter was sent to keep you up to date on this crisis. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me at 1-800-522-0456, ext. 11305.

I will continue to provide you with updates over the next few months and hope you will join us in seeking an outcome that saves good food, good jobs and good health for many New York communities.


Bruce W. Both

Please Remember: 

1. Stay united. We are all in this together and together is the only way we can succeed.

2. Please ignore all the rumors and count on your Union to deliver you the most up to date & accurate information to you.

3. Stay in touch with your Union Representative and Shop Steward.

4. Visit the Union web site and Facebook page for information.

5. Should you want to email us information or questions, please do so at

6. Show your solidarity by wearing your buttons. If you need more buttons, speak to your Union Representative.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Week's End News Briefs:

It's Hispanic Heritage month at the UFCW!

Why is Target's glamor continuing to fade? Business Week highlights the reasons, one of them being their dreadful labor practices...Or a former Target executive sums up the retailer’s existential moment this way:
“Target has been able to hide behind Wal-Mart’s size, and I don’t think it can do that anymore.”
A supermarket in Brooklyn faces over $62,000 in fines for locking night-shift workers inside the store.

The New York City Council approved a new Brooklyn shopping center to be anchored with a BJ's Wholesale Club.

The CEO of BJ's affirms that the sale of the company was the right decision.

Report: Walmart needs 159 stores in NYC to satisfy their Bloodlust...The Report shows the city would be devastating: a net loss of 3,980 jobs, $353 in lost wages, 105 businesses lost in East New York alone, and 4,279 new happy Wal-Mart employees who'd have to rely on government-funded health care. [download the pdf]

NY1 Exclusive: Walmart needs 159 NYC Stores.

City Hall News: A Walmart Invasion Predicted...

Gawker: Horrifying Study: 159 NYC Walmart Stores.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Walmart is opening their 3rd store in the last few years...

Here's a list of top U.S. Urban Food Deserts, NYC comes in at #8.

Census shows that 1 in 5 New Yorkers lives in poverty.

 Tentative pact reached in So.Cal UFCW Labor negotiations.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday News after Noon

UFCW wins over $32 million in back pay for thousands of workers.

Southern Cali strike update: Agreement reached!

Related: Huffington Post: UFCW, Poised to Strike

Check out the latest issue of OnPoint here.

Queens Tribune: Workers are left hanging in A&P's bankruptcy.

A&P is looking for momentum in the opening of their Philadelphia Superfresh.

Op-Ed: Fired for Organizing a Union; Tashawna Greene @ Valley Stream Target...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Morning News Briefs:

Exterior of the King Kullen in North Babylon, ...Image via WikipediaHappy Labor Day! 

Check out this great Op-Ed: Unions & America fit together like Legos!
Message from the editorial: If we don't love and support the working men and women of this country, we are in deep trouble.

Southern California negotiations overshadow Labor Day.

Small business owners have a lot to lose if there is a strike in Southern California. [Press Release]

[LA-Times] A California bill that would ban alcohol sales at self-checkouts progresses..

Kroger has purchased nine Schnucks supermarkets, which raised an interesting discussion as the FTC worries about monopoly concerns as Target & Walmart continue to expand as grocers.

Another cheap hustle from Walmart as they donate $50,000 to the Brooklyn Public Library.

A new King Kullen in Island Park, which has been held up by red tape for the last few years, is scheduled to start construction next month and open in late 2012. [Long Island Press]

A new book chronicles the rise of A&P.

Former Nostrand Ave Pathmark shoppers are now shopping at 'Food Basics'.

In Ohio, Kroger employees are taking their case to public after negotiations between the company and employees break down...Kroger is refusing to budge on employees’ demands for a pay increase after management received a pay raise in July. 


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday's News Briefs:

A UFCW represented Jim Beam plant in Cincinnati will close, leaving 122 UFCW 32D members jobless.

Patch asks what local shoppers think about the possibility of a Southern California strike.

A&P's new Philadelphia Superfresh is their first store in PA in 10-years.  It opened yesterday, Sam Martin, "On behalf of our 39,000 Associates across the Company, I want to thank Mayor Michael Nutter, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776, and the developer of the property, Bart Blatstein, for their support and for welcoming Superfresh to this great community."

A&P announced they'll be deploying 'deal management software."

The AFL-CIO is asking, "Who do you love on Labor Day?" We <3 Food & Commercial Workers! Who do you <3 this Labor Day?

Progressive Grocer has named ShopRite 2011 retailer of the year.

The Long Island Herald covers Target's illegal tactics and labor violations at Valley Stream: Union officials said they expected the NLRB’s decision to be in their favor. “We were confident from the beginning that Target’s conduct was illegal,” said Aly Waddy, a union organizer. “It was not surprising.” 

Businesses are coming out against the NLRB rule changes (obviously) and are claiming they'll affect 'job creation'.

The Fresh Market continues to grow...

Target is looking for hundreds of employees in their new Canada stores.