Friday, January 28, 2011


From the UFCW International:

Community coalitions across the country push for quality job creation,
challenge Walmart on new stores in major U.S. cities

WASHINGTON – Coalitions in cities targeted for new or expanded Walmart stores took action yesterday to rally for sustainable, quality job creation in their communities. Across the country, community members, elected officials, religious leaders, chambers of commerce, small business owners and others joined together and spoke out to ensure the jobs being offered by Walmart meet strong standards for healthy, growing communities. These coalitions plan to engage local policymakers about the need for quality jobs and responsible business practices as the real path to economic recovery.

Events and announcements happened in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland. Planned events in New York City; Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. were rescheduled due to snow. The following Locals are active in these cities’ coalitions: 5, 8GS, 338*, 400, 770, 881, 888, 1102*, 1167, 1428, 1445, 1500, and 1776. Regions 1 and 8 and the RWDSU District Council of the UFCW are playing major coordinating roles in this effort. Photos and video from yesterday can be viewed at

"As a grocery store employee and Chicago native, I think we must create jobs that pay fairly and raise standards for the entire industry," said J. Marie Hopkins, a UFCW member for 36 years, cashier at Jewel Food Stores in Chicago, and resident of the 21st Ward. "That's why my fellow union members in the UFCW are standing with these community coalitions. We demand a say about the kind of businesses that come into our neighborhoods."

Hopkins is one of the many UFCW members around the country who is committed to supporting Walmart Associates in their work to get the respect from the company that they deserve. Two Walmart Associates from the Baldwin Park, California store spoke at yesterday’s event in Los Angeles.

In cities across the United States, Walmart is seeking access to new markets and customers, spurring local and national debate for good reason. These local coalitions have formed to educate the public and policymakers about the impact of Walmart’s business practices, and call for quality jobs that allow people to sustain their families. Walmart has been documented for its controversial and sometimes illegal employment practices, poverty-level wages and for ranking highest for the number of employees qualifying for state government health care assistance.

Making Change at Walmart, a campaign of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, stands in solidarity with these community coalitions in major cities across the country as they push for higher standards for working people and question Walmart’s entry or further expansion into their cities. See for more information.


UFCW News Service

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Morning One-Liners:

Study confirms: Bigger the Walmart, Fatter the Shoppers. Walmart makes you fat.

But wait, they're offering healthy foods now, right? BNET looks at why Walmart's "Healthy Food" campaign is doomed: 
That’s because  Walmart’s two-pronged pledge — 1) to reduce sodium, trans fat and sugar in its Great Value brand of packaged foods and 2) to somehow reduce the prices of fruits and vegetables — is a superficial solution to a deep-rooted problem. Read the entire article here:
Eurasia Review is not happy about what's happening to New York City, Walmart coming may be the final straw.

Walmart is also asking the Supreme Court to protect them from Wage Discrimination cases, what!? Check out the informative story at the Huffington Post.

Poverty in America looks at Bill de Blasio's report "Walmart in NYC would lower retail wages"

UFCW Local 1776 rejected Acme's contract offer. More: 'Acme Workers Don't Want Buyouts'

Ahold reported 'Strong Q4' numbers. [Progressive Grocer]
Ahold USA, fourth-quarter net sales were $5.6 billion, a 6.0 percent rise when compared with adjusted fourth-quarter 2009 sales. 

Washington Post looks at why Supermarket Stocks are slumping.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Mid Week One-Liners: Walmart Buys its Way into Africa, Will NYC be next?

"Despite the advent of democracy in 1994, South Africa remains one of the most inequitable societies in the world, said Tyotyo James, deputy-president of the Congress of South African Trade Unions.”The acquisition of 51% of Massmart by Walmart will cut out even more local ownership of one of the major retail players in the country."
After Walmart's 51% bid on the major retailer Massmart was approved this week. "Walmart buys its way into Africa"

In Walmart's latest PR move they've donated a bunch of $$ to Food Bank's and are now offering healthy food, thanks, it's 2011, guess that's a good year to start offering healthy food.

Small business poll finds Walmart is not welcome in NYC. [NY Daily News]

Here's eight reasons we should keep Walmart out of major cities.

Sources say that Stop and Shop is eying a former Shaw's site in New Haven, CT.

John Castimatidis, Gristedes Owner "Walmart is a real danger to the overall economy and character of NYC" read the entire Op-Ed in the NY Daily News.

Blog: Walmart is trying to invade NYC.  

A Walmart grows in Brooklyn, not if we can help it...

ABC News: Report, NYC Walmart would lower wages.

Yahoo! says it's only a matter of time for Walmart in NYC.

More media outlets are covering drug stores, Target and Walmart's desire to sell you groceries.

Walmart may team up with the UDC (University of District Columbia Community College) to combat many concerns with their flawed employment practices.

It's not just a domestic problem with Walmart, across the world they're notoriously known for exploitation of workers, in South Africa they're getting a lot of resistance for buying out the retail chain Massmart and attempting to monopolize the South African retail market.
Now that the Massmart deal cleared all the regulatory hurdles, a massive boycott is being planned for all Walmart/Massmart affiliated stores. [Financial Mail]

Yournabe: Small businesses don't want a Walmart, but are confident in retaining shoppers.

A&P's Q3 Results are "in line" with expectations. [Progressive Grocer]

A mayor in New Jersey has asked to residents to boycott a local (union) ShopRite, and it's flat out wrong.  Read the editorial here.

Target's CEO plans for Canada expansion.

Costco is receiving a $1 million tax break to open a store in Chicago.

A Williamsburg Duane Reade is offering beer on tap, yeah that says Duane Reade.

The Politicker has Mayor Bloomberg's complete 'State of the City' speech here.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Morning One-Liners: Unreleased Poll Reveals Opposition to Walmart in NYC

Metro: Walmart Butters up the Five Boroughs.

New poll shows that there is overwhelming opposition to Walmart opening in NYC.

The New York Observer analyzes the Walmart mailings.

NYC Public Advocate, Bill de Blasio, Fighting Walmart (NY Daily News) You can check out his report on Walmart with Hunter College here.

Report: Walmart moving to NYC would Kill Jobs.

Walmart, however, obviously isn't buying this report.

Crain's: The Story behind Walmart's Plans to get into NYC.

Local 1500 Assistant to the President, Pat Purcell joined the Neil Cavuto show on FOX Business News to discuss Walmart in NYC. [Transcript]  [Video]

WNYC: Financial 411, Walmart Eyes NYC.

In South Africa, where Walmart has purchased Massmart, the major retailer in South Africa, many are protesting and fearful of the acquisition by Walmart.

Target is expanding their fresh foods.

Price Chopper announced they'll be merging with a local pharmacy.

Trader Joe's announced they'll be open in the spring in Staten Island.

UFCW 1189 began negotiations yesterday in Minnesota.

Thursday, January 13, 2011 Promotes Report which Confirms a Walmart NYC Store would Lower Wages

Here's something you don't see everyday, Walmart is telling the truth.

The ingenious website which does a great job promoting real "New York" opinions, is promoting a report from ABC News which covered NYC Public Advocate's Bill de Blasio's report that if a Walmart were to open in NYC retail wages would suffer.  Here's a screen shot from WalmartNYC's newsroom:


The page can be found here (while it's still up)

Thanks for finally admitting the truth and being honest with us New Yorkers, Walmart!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Morning One-Liners

Everyone is talking about Walmart backing out of the New York City Council hearing tomorrow,

Brooklyn Eagle, New York Times, The Gothamist, DNAinfoWNYC

"If they don't show up it's because they don't have anything to say to refute the arguments that my colleagues and myself have put forth," Quinn told the paper.
"If they did...why wouldn't they come and rub my face in it?"
Financial Post: Walmart's New York campaign.  Supermarket News comments on Walmart's NYC website.

Public Advocate, Bill de Blasio has released a report on Walmart, citing for every two jobs they create, three are lost. [Daily News]

The Brooklyn Paper wonders if Brooklyn can handle Walmart and the side effects that come with it (parking, traffic).

Scarsdale ShopRite has a ribbon cutting ceremony, is a huge hit with the neighborhood. [Patch]

BJ's Sales Up, To Cut Jobs. [Daily Market]

A&P's magazine gets a facelift and a judge has approved their $800 million loan in New Jersey.

Local 1500 Meets with Mayor Bloomberg to Help with Struggling A&P

Courtesy of
In late December, Local 1500 executives met with Mayor Bloomberg, seeking help for the struggling A&P.  Supermarket News covered the story, and NY1 had an exclusive (with video).  Local 1500 is determined to exhaust all resources and options to help the struggling A&P who recently filed for bankruptcy.  Local 1500 President, Bruce Both has also sent letters to all Pathmark members which may be found here.  President Both has also sent personal letters to both Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn, which can be found here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday's One-Liners: Walmart Skips out on NYC Hearing & Launches a Massive PR Campaign

Walmart is skipping out on the NYC Council's hearing Wednesday, the Daily News and NY1 reports. Surprised? Speaker Christine Quinn sums it up,
"If they don't show up it's because they don't have anything to say to refute the arguments that my colleagues and myself have put forth," she said. "If they did ...why wouldn't they come and rub my face in it?"
Crain's NY has a list of questions (or cheat sheet) for the panel, and City Council for Wednesday's Walmart hearing.

If you haven't heard Walmart has launched a massive PR campaign to open up here in NYC.  They launched a website ( and are advertising all over the radio and print (NY Post, NY Daily News).  The Village Voice gives their thoughts on  Crain's NY reports on the PR push.  Then there is this guy from New Jersey who demands a Walmart in NYC (via of course). The New York Times says the site looks more like a politician's campaign website than a retailer's website.

Don't forget about Target, they've just announced their plans to remodel 400 'general merchandise' stores throughout 2011 to include groceries. [AP]

A lot in Somerville, NJ is being cleared for a ShopRite.

A&P was approved for an $800 million loan on Monday afternoon. [Bloomberg News]

The Record: Struggling A&P chief handed tough task.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Morning One-Liners: Supermarkets are still failing inspections, Shoprite opens in Scarsdale

1974–2000 ShopRite logo, still in use at some ...Image via Wikipedia

NYC Department of Consumer Affairs: "NYC Supermarkets are still ripping you off." [Press Release]
DCA Commissioner Jonathan Mintz, “DCA will continue its aggressive enforcement of pricing and other consumer protection violations in the City’s supermarkets, including this year’s doubling of inspections, until these stores finally take the quality control steps necessary to get it right.”
More @ CBS: Report: City Supermarkets May Be Ripping You Off (

In Scarsdale, a Local 1500 represented ShopRite opened this week, Patch was check out the new supermarket.  January 9th will be the 'Gala Opening' with ribbon cutting.

They're [ShopRite] also holding their bi-annual can-can sale this week.

UFCW Local 1743 has filed charges against employer Klement Sausage Co., who has implemented a policy that penalizes employees for not direct depositing their paychecks.

Workers at Disney are at the bargaining table negotiating a new contract in Orlando.

Walmart has conducted another poll, this time in Charles Barron's district and the results are shockingly in favor of Walmart building a store, again. The NY Post conveniently has more.

The Neighborhood Retail Alliance posts their opinion of the Post's latest Walmart push.

Target sales dropped big in December [WSJ]

BJ's Wholesale Club announced they'll be laying off 500 workers, closing 5 stores. [BJ's Wholesale Club Workers Blog]

Today, the Department of Labor announced our Nation's unemployment rate has dropped, as we've added 103,000 jobs in December, the unemployment rate fell to 9.4%, the lowest since July 2009.  Regional and State statistics will be available on Jan. 25.
The New York Times has more and a interesting chart comparing past recoveries to this one.

Here is a statement from Secretary of Labor, Hilda L. Solis, on December's employment numbers.
Part of the strategy to create more jobs is creating more "Green Jobs".
And here in New York, if you're worried about the snow, the NY Times reassures us there is about one truck for every snowflake.  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday's Mid Week One-Liners: Store Closings, BJ's, Acme, Shaw's

NY1 ran another story on Walmart in NYC, interviewing a Walmart spokesman.
The new Fairway Market in Douglaston, Queens will open by the end of the summer. [Patch] [NY Daily News]

Walmart tried building a store on a Civil War battle field, so what why wouldn't they try and build a store in Paradise, California.  Just seems weird, to have a Walmart in a place called Paradise.

Store Closings
BJ's Wholesale Club announced they're laying off 500 workers and closing 5 stores.

Shaw's also announced they'll be closing five stores, three in Rhode Island and two in Connecticut.  So far they've been silent on how many workers the closings will affect, read more @ Boston Globe.

And one more company announced store closings, Acme announced they will close five Philadelphia stores by the end of February.
Must Read: WNYC Blog, Conservatives Use Blizzard to Push Anti-Labor Agenda
Online Organizing was the key to an IEBW Organizing victory this August, read the entire article @ the AFL-CIO Blog.

Bloomberg News reports that Royal Ahold, (Owners of Stop and Shop Supermarket) is more likely to make an acquisition in the U.S. than to sell any units in the country.

Stop & Shop is likely to cut and move workers from it's Quincy headquarters. asks if the D.C. Mayor will support 'Good Jobs' or 'Walmart'.

Walmart is having a lot of trouble with environmental studies in Orchard Park, Buffalo.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year Morning One Liners

(Queens Edition) explains the Walmart poll,  gets a few opinions from local elected officials in Queens, U.S. Representative Weiner had to say on the issue,
“I think that Walmart is an omnivorous competitor that squashes small business wherever it goes and small business is the lifeblood of New York City,” Weiner said. “I think that people like the shopping strips of Queens, which would become ghost towns if Walmart moved to the neighborhood.”
The story also quotes the President of the local Chamber of Commerce who said no one has came up to her, asking for a Walmart in the neighborhood.  Read the entire spot here:  

More @ The Queens Courier 

From Racked via WWD, gives a nicely detailed report on the potential Walmart NYC store format (with picture) with quotes from Steven Restivo, Walmart's Northeast Director of Community Relations, questioning the NYC Council hearing.

Next Animation TV created an interesting video of the Walmart/NYC saga.  The Observer has more.
NY Mag tell their readers that 'Wal-Mart Will Invade Brooklyn Come Hell, High Water, Or Lack of Parking Space', and asks, why won't Walmart listen to our disinterest and why do we need a Walmart in NYC?

In non-Walmart news, there will be a CB-11 hearing tonight on the new Fairway in Douglaston, Queens. [Patch]

Upstate NY, Supermarket Price Wars: Weis Markets, Wegman's Aldi, Walmart, Price Chopper continue.

Boston Herald: BJ's Takeover Back in the Spotlight

In Manchester, Iowa, a Mom & Pop store owner is circulating a petition to not allow Walmart's grocery expansion of their store.  The family operated store "Main Street Market" would be in jeopardy of closing if the Walmart expansion would occur. [Chicago Tribune]

Andrew Cuomo is seeking a One-Year salary freeze for all state employees. [NY Times]