Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Morning One Liners: BJ's Wholesale Club in Ithica...

The Shops at Ithaca MallImage via Wikipedia

Ithica Journal:
BJ's Wholesale Club Proposed in Ithica Mall

The identity of the new big-box tenant of a proposed 82,000-square-foot development at the Shops at Ithaca mall was finally revealed Tuesday night at a Village of Lansing planning board meeting, after months of secrecy: BJ's Wholesale Club.

LA Times: Target Corp. Defends Republican Contributions
Target is under fire for donating to a republican candidate in Minnesota, after two Facebook pages were started calling for a Boycott. As two "Boycott Target" groups sprang up on Facebook on Tuesday, the giant retailer defended its $150,000 donation to a group helping a Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate who opposes same-sex marriage.

WakeupWalmart: Smaller Wal-Mart Still not Ready to Build in Wellsville, N.Y.

AFL-CIO Blog: Report: Unions Must Open Opportunities for Women, Young Workers
The report, “Stepping Up, Stepping Back: Women Talk Union Across Generations,” details frank discussions in March among 30 women invited to a two-day women’s summit in New Orleans...While acknowledging the significant gains for women in the workplace made possible by unions and the growing diversity in the union movement, the report urges unions to do even more to become more open.

Progressive Grocer: Subway Enters More Supermarkets, Mass Retailers in 2010 
Several U.S. supermarkets and big-box retailers welcomed in-store Subway restaurant units during the first half of 2010, according to the popular sandwich chain, which has this year opened over 1,000 new locations, bringing its total international store count to over 9,700 restaurants, with new stores accounting for about 1.4 million square feet of filled commercial retail space.


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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Morning One Liners:

Fresh produce at the Real Canadian Superstore ...Image via Wikipedia
Target's plans for N.Y. domination continued when they announced they will open another supermarket within their store in a King Kullen shopping center on October 17th.

Chicago's City Council is expected to vote on their third Wal-Mart...Alderman Moore is saying not so fast though, "Before we rush in and suddenly give Wal-Mart blank checks to invade our city, lets see if they live up to their agreement in the Pullman neighborhood..."

After 15 months of negotiations, a new agreement between Thunder Bay's Real Canadian Superstore and the UFCW was ratified last night.  Workers have been without a contract since March of 2009.

Two of the Nation's largest unions, UNITE-HERE and SEIU have ended their long dispute: [Daily News]  [Crain's] [New York Times]

Target, spending more money on political candidates...

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Morning One Liners...BJ's Wholesale Club for Sale?

PathmarkImage via Wikipedia

UFCW International President, Joe Hansen, was named in Supermarket News' Power 50, check out the entire story @

Mott's workers ran a full-page advertisement ran in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on Friday check out the Ad that Mott's workers here. Be sure to visit or for updates and action alerts. Also call Mott’s at 1-800-426-4891 and tell them you support the Williamson workers.

BJ's Wholesale Club is officially for sale, according to reports from the New York Post
The news comes after the recent surge in the stock Leonard Green & Partners disclosed a 9.5% stake in the company on July 1st and said it would seek discussions of a possible "going-private" transaction with BJ's.

More @ The Street Insider

Minneapolis Star:(Video) Target Takes Manhattan.

A&P announced that it has appointed Sam Martin as the company's new President and Chief Executive Officer to succeed Ron Marshall, who has left the company. The company also announced fiscal 2010 first quarter results...Read their Press Release.

More @ NY Daily News: CEO Exit Slams A&P Shares:  
Shares of A&P lost more than a third of their value yesterday, plunging to their lowest levels in decades after the struggling supermarket chain reported a gaping first-quarter loss and the resignation of its CEO.

Somerville [N.J.], Still needs a Supermarket after Pathmark's leave...

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Whole Foods has cleaned their Gowanus site, but now they're not sure if they're going to build. 

More on the Gowanus-Whole Foods relationship @ Curbed.

Loblaw (Canada) said last week that the growth of nonunion competition in Canada is forcing the company’s hand in its negotiations with labor unions...The company is currently in the midst of contract talks with four locals of the UFCW covering nearly 30,000 workers...

And Gristedes owner, John Castimatidis was 'disappointed', not being invited to Chelesa Clinton's wedding...
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Morning One Liners: Target Takes Manhattan, Fresh Market is Upstate...

Foxwoods bartenders, beverage servers lounge hosts and bar porters will be voting on July 31 for UFCW Local 371 representation.

BJ's Wholesale Club has finally resolved their Quincy (Mass.) problem.

NY1: Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn: Old Navy Yard Gets Restored to Serve the Future
As NY1 continues its look at Brooklyn's history, borough reporter Jeanine Ramirez shows how the aging 19th-century Brooklyn Navy Yard is being renovated and readapted to serve as a green manufacturing center.

MyUFCW: Video: Shoppers Continue to Support Mott's Workers by not Purchasing Mott's Products...

AP: Target Takes Manhattan with East Harlem Store

"This is the (company's) largest single investment on any single project," John Griffith, executive vice president of property development for Target Corp., said during a press tour Wednesday.

Letter: The Real Effect of Big Box Stores
A great Letter to The Editor, Two years ago I moved to Guilford from a suburban area of New York City to escape the escalating effects of too many big box stores. ...My experience is not unique or exaggerated. All across American small towns and their Main Street economies are destroyed when a single big box store moves in and start the well documented, escalating domino effect...Read the entire letter here.

Fresh Market expands in Northern NY: The anticipated opening of the trendy, Fresh Market, will be August 18 in Colonie...

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday News Before Noon: Baltimore Supports Living Wage, Target Set to Open in Harlem Sunday...

United Food and Commercial WorkersImage via Wikipedia

East Harlem gets Big Boxes; Target set to Open Sunday:
After years of flirting with Manhattan, the bull's-eye has landed in East Harlem. Target's first store on the New York island officially opens Sunday — with merchandise tailored to the neighborhood, including Spanish-language greeting cards, multicultural dolls, religious candles and renowned Southern food produced locally. It's a key step in the discounter's push into urban markets to fuel its growth. Read More at the Daily News & NPR also covered the story.

Poll: Baltimore Supports Living Wage:
One day before a City Council subcommittee will meet to consider living-wage legislation governing large employers, a public opinion and strategy firm called Lake Research Partners has released a poll indicating that Baltimoreans support such legislation.

Supermarket News
profiles the First Lady, Michelle Obama, noting her success and drive in Food Policy and expansion of healthy foods across the country.

Young Workers in New Jersey, Across Country, Struggling to Find Work:
Belleville’s Pathmark Supermarket, on Belmont Avenue, reported 40 percent of its spring/summer applicants being adults, versus their average 20 percent adult-applicant rate, before the recession. "Because of layoffs, people are willing to take anything nowadays," said Front-End Manager Kareemah Terr

A judge has thrown out the results of the controversial union vote at Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Supplier:
Last July, Employees at 2 Sisters Food Group last July voted against representation by the United Food and Commercial Workers union by a count of 87-66. The supplier, based in Riverside, Calif., has subsequently been acquired by Fresh & Easy..  The judge found the company guilty of firing a "pro-union" employee and said the company must offer to reinstate Trespalacios to her former job and provide for lost wages and benefits. The union may choose to call for another union vote.  Read more at SN.

More @ The Press Enterprise

BJ's Wholesale Club Hits a New High.

California Retailers Victorious
In what attorneys called a “huge win for retailers in the Golden State,” a California Court of Appeal ruling has preserved the right of retailers to restrict union picketing on their properties.

Shaw's Workers: Back to Work...

Bottom Dollar Food set to open and expand throughout Philadelphia Area.

Wegmans is also opening a new superstore in the Philly Suburbs.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New York City Council Bashes Mott's

As Celeste Katz reported today in the Daily News, New York City Council members have signed on to support the striking workers at Mott's. 

The letter, addressed to Mott's parent company Dr Pepper Snapple, reads in part:
"We understand that the costs of operating a plant such as this have increased. However, we don’t feel that this justifies bargaining demands for pay cuts and increasing health coverage costs, especially for a company as profitable as Dr. Pepper Snapple. For more than 100 years, Mott’s has thrived while proudly calling New York State home.The workers who are responsible for the company’s success should not be forced into a contract that cuts their income at a time when the cost of living in this state increases with each passing year."

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Tuesday Morning One Liners: 300 Loblaw Workers Reach Tentative Agreement; Avoid Strike...

Loblaw's Superstore Workers Reach Tentative Deal; Avoid Strike:
As previously reported in SN, 300 workers, represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1000A, have been working without a contract from more than a year. Local news sources said they will vote on the new contract July 25.

AFL-CIO Blog: From Sweatshop to Union Shop?
The first-known apparel factory in the developing world to pay a living wage is operating in  Villa Altagracia, a small impoverished town in the Dominican Republic. For the first time, the 120 workers at the factory will be paid enough to support themselves and their families.

WSJ: Today's East Harlem; Costco & Condos.

Whole Foods' UK Stores, Dancing in the Red:
The upmarket grocer, which aimed to take on established rivals such as Waitrose and Marks & Spencer, lost £4.3m in Britain in the year to the end of September, according to accounts filed last week

Village Voice Blog: "New Chelsea Trader Joe's is Fabulous" 

San Francisco Gate: Pro Union Law Shot Down
A state appeals court struck down a union-backed California law Monday that allows labor picketing on a store's parking lots and private sidewalks, saying it unconstitutionally requires property owners to host speakers with whom they disagree.

NEWARK, N.J. — A federal grand jury here has indicted the former owner and chief executive of Capitol Investments Inc. for allegedly leading an $880 million Ponzi scheme related to a bogus grocery wholesaling business. 
In Warwick, NY, a Price Chopper Supermarkets store  has been awarded Silver-Level Certification award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership for reducing the use of refrigerants.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's News After Noon: RWDSU Takes Mott's Picket Line to Manufacturing Plant...

Some of the previous stories we posted have been removed, we apologize for the inconvenience. 

National Fruit Now Co-Packing Mott's Struck Product
Winchester, VA.-- RWDSU Local 220 is taking their picket line to National Fruit manufacturing plant to protest Mott's outsourcing and co-packing of applesauce due to slowed production in the Mott's Williamson, NY plant. Strikers and union members will be leafleting National Fruit production workers about the ongoing labor dispute at Mott's.

A story in today's Chicago Reader reveals that at least one hundred pro-Walmart "supporters" in Chicago were paid $100 to come and protest on behalf of the retail giant building in their neighborhood in front of Chicago's City Council on Thursday, June 24.

Wainscott, NY-- Residents showed up in strong numbers to discuss plans for the former Plitt Ford property on Montauk Highway to possibly develop into a specialty supermarket such as a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or Wild by Nature. 

Costco just opened a Queens warehouse club that demonstrates the potential of urban retailing done right.

Wyckoff, N.J.-- Hearings on Inserra Supermarkets Inc.;s proposal to build a ShopRite at the site of the old A&P on Greenwood Avenue began Wednesday night over the objection of an attorney representing Stop & Shop. 

DENVER-- A deal for the Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming to sell organic, grass-fed beef to Whole Foods Market Inc. has fallen through.


The UFCW released their latest issue of OnPoint, check it out here:

More than 16,000 members of Local 1500 that work at
Stop & Shop, Pathmark and King Kullen supermarkets
ratified a new contract with their employers on July 8.
The new contract includes significant victories for
workers’ health care and pensions—both will continue
to be fully funded by the employer.
“The members of Local 1500 stood up as one union with
one voice,” said Local 1500 spokesman Pat Purcell.
“They also showed a great understanding of the effect a
strike would have on their customers, many of which
have become their friends over the years.”
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday's Afternoon News

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Urges Mott's to Get Back to The Negotiating Table and Bargain in Good Faith  300 Striking RWDSU/UFCW Workers.
New York Attorney General & State Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Cuomo is urging the beverage maker to "come back to the negotiating table, bargain in good faith and reach a fair and equitable solution for workers, company and state." [Press Release]

Montgomery Labor Battle Heats Up
Members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1994/Municipal and County Government Employees Organization picketed July 7 at a meeting in Gaithersburg staged by a competing union vying to represent the 6,000 MCGEO members who work for the Montgomery County government. 

Loblaw Stores Gird For Possible Work Stoppage
A possible work stoppage is looming for area supermarkets under the Loblaw banner. This, after Loblaw workers in Ontario voted 97% to give their union a strike mandate should contract talks break down. 

Food Policy Chief Leaves Job, and City Seeks a Successor
The food czar, Ben Thomases, who came to City Hall as food policy coordinator to take charge of a campaign to combat hunger and unhealthy eating, is now the chief operating officer of Wildcat Service Corporation, a nonprofit work force development contractor. 

Poll: D.C. Wants to Make Big Box Stores Pay Up, Hire Local
A week after the news breaks that Wal-Mart has finally found a viable place to locate in the District, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union has a poll out with evidence that D.C. residents support making big box stores pay a living wage and hire from local communities. 

Fight Over Wal-Mart Near Civil War Battlefield Heads to Court
Attorneys for Orange County, Va., and residents who oppose a proposed Wal-Mart store near the Wilderness Battlefield are scheduled to appear in Orange Circuit on Tuesday. 

Wal-Mart Grocery Deal Okayed By Farmers Branch City Council
Dallas-- The City Council here voted unanimously to advance talks to sell a four-acre plot of land to Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to develop a small grocery. 

It's Called Capitalism
Walmart CEO Michael Duke's $35 million annual salary consistutes an hourly wage equal to the annual salary of the average Walmart employee. New Walmart employees are paid $8.75 an hour-a gross salary of $13,650 a year. Thus, over a single lunch, Duke makes the yearly salary of one of his workers. 

 Banning Single-Use Carryout Bags in California
Legislation authored by Assemblywoman Julia Brownley (D-Santa Monica) to ban single-use carryout bags in California has been approved by the State Assembly. At news conference at the State Capitol, Assemblymember Brownley was joined by leaders from the California Grocers Association, the United Food and Commercial Workers union and various environmental organizations as well as a trio of Hollywood actresses, Amy Smart, Rosario Dawson and Rachelle LeFevre.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mon-Tues News: New Chelsea Trader Joe's, PeaPod Expands...

The American-made, union-made boots by United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Locals 668 and 717 members at the Weinbrenner Shoe Co., are available online!

TORONTO- Workers at one of Ontario's biggest grocery chains have overwhelmingly voted to give their union authority to call a strike against Loblaw Co. if negotiations don't go well. 

In California and 21 other states today, union members at worksites across the nation are kicking off a nationwide grassroots campaign with a call for creating good American jobs now and backing the candidates that support them. Says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka:
"If politicians want the support of working families in November they need to create good jobs here in America now. People aren’t interested in campaign slogans or promises, they want results."

According to a union website, Mott's has asked workers at a union local in Williamson, N.Y., to pay cuts of up to $1.50 per hour, and is trying to take away the workers' pension plan. The 300-odd workers have been on strike since May. 

An official with Local 791 of the United Food and Commercial Workers says workers overwhelmingly voted to accept the new contract on Thursday. 

Another regional director of the National Labor Relations Board has asserted the board's jurisdiction over Foxwoods Resort Casino, directing that a secret-ballot election be conducted among some 375 bartenders and beverage servers eligible to join the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. 

Marsh Workers Stand Up to Out-of-State Private Equity Firm, Call on Sun Capital to Respect Their Right to Form Union
The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 700 today petitioned the National Labor Relations Board for a union election at the Marsh stores in Beech Grove, where the majority of workers have signaled their intention to join a union.

EAST BRIDGEWATER,Mass-- Settlement of the four-month strike affecting Shaw's Methuen, Mass. distribution center could prove to save the plant itself, although some jobs inside the facility could be changing.  

Specialty grocer Trader Joe's opened its newest location Monday in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. Snacks were handed out for those waiting on line to get into the new location at 21st Street and Sixth Avenue. As the ribbon was cut, Trader Joe's faithful made their way into the store to pick up everything from exotic cheeses to wines and basic groceries. Many shoppers woke up extra early to make it to the grand opening. "I live around the corner. I've been waiting months for it to  open,” said one shopper. “I just want to get my shopping done early. I have a lot of food I need to get inside."

FLORHAM PARK, NJ-- Trader Joe's a supermarket known for its eclectic grocery offerings and for the quirky Hawaiian  shirts worn by its employees, is moving its Florham Park store to a larger location a couple hundred yards away.

In an ongoing "Generic Foods Investigation" in the Faster Times Amy Westervelt offers a guide of some of Trader Joe's products, who makes them, what the brand-name is equivalent is, and how much is saved buying the private label over the brand. 

QUINCY,Mass., Peapod by Stop & Shop, the leading online grocer serving New England, New York and New Jersey, continues to expand its home and business delivery service with an addiction of more than 40 new communities. 

Dem and Chronicle-Rochchester: Report on Planned East Avenue Wegmans Gets Public Airing Today

Since Wakefern Food Corp. entered the Maryland market about a year ago with the conversion of seven Klein's Family Markets to its ShopRite banner, it was expected that the country's largest wholesale grocery co-op would aggressively look to expand its retailer base throughout the Baltimore-Washington market. 

For years, Target has teased New Yorkers with suggestions of its imminent arrival, plastering its logo on billboards and opening pop-up shops, but with its first location in Manhattan ready to open on July 25, the omens aren't looking good. 

NEW YORK-- Wal-Mart's Sam's Club chain is teaming up with a lender to offer loans of up to $25,000 to its small business members.

UBS Investment Research said in a research note Friday that some investors may want to exploit the potential of BJ's Wholesale Club as it begins discussions with a private equity firm to improve shareholder value. 

A new industry guide tells retailers and suppliers how to capture and communicate traceability information for these products, which will become much easier with the adoption of the GS1 Databar. 

Only a handful of industry stocks have shown gains i n their share prices in 2010, as the faint glimpses of economic recovery have so far only been a tease and retailers battled to retain customers. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Lunch Time News: Walmart Paying Millions to get out of a 7K Fine....

On the day after Thanksgiving, a Wal-Mart employee was killed after shoppers trampled temporary employee, Jdimytai Damour in 2008 in New York. After an investigation of the Long Island incident, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined Wal-Mart $7,000 for the incident, but instead of paying the fine the world's largest retailer has spent at least $2 million to fight the fine, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

UFCW Statement Regarding Department of Justice Challenge to Arizona Immigration Law

Congratulations to our brothers and sisters in UFCW Local 791 who settled a 4- month strike at the Shaws Methuen Distribution Center:

NLRB Orders Union Election at Tribal Casino in Connecticut
The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 371, filed a petition for the election covering about 375 bartenders, beverage servers, lounge hosts and bar porters. 

"Scabs Go Home" Say MCGEO Workers:
Responding to recent attempts to raid UFCW 1994 MCGEO members

Interesting Stats about Walmart
Walmart is the largest company on the earth revenue. Here's one info-graphic displaying some amazing figures and statistics to demonstrate to you how big and enormous Walmart is!

Moon Supervisors Give Preliminary OK to Wal-Mart Plan
PA- Wal-Mart got preliminary approval for its Moon Township site from township supervisors early Thursday.

Strikers at Mott's Pick Up Nationwide Support
Support from around the country is coming in to 300 striking workers at the Mott's apple products plant in WIlliamson, N.Y. 

Whole Foods Market Starting to Grow Its Own
A Whole Foods Market in Short Pump, VA., has taken over an acre of land for development of a community garden that will help to supply vegetables for its local store there. 

Mom Banned From Whole Foods foe Life After Accidentally Shoplifting

Suburban Whole Foods Sells for $11.6 Million
A Phoenix investment firm continues to snap up local single-tenant properties, paying $11.6 million for a Whole Foods Market in the western suburbs. 

Wegmans Temporarily Closed Following Fire
There were no injuries related to the roof fire at the West Taft Road store in Liverpool, NY. There were challenges as firefighters battled the flames and heat and employees now work to clean and reopen the store. 

East Ave. Wegmans Expansion Moving Foward
Rochester, NY-- A flyer arriving in mailboxes this week details the latest on plans to expand the last remaining Wegmans store within Rochester's city limits. 

Developer: ShopRite Won't Build in Hyde Park
HYDE PARK- ShopRite is no longer interested in building a supermarket on the land due south of Saint Andrews Road and across Route 9 from the Culinary Institute of America. 

ShopRite Owners Appeal Zoning Variance
The decision would allow 78 fewer parking spaces at the shopping center and permit an expansion of Wal-Mart. 

ShopRite Store in Southbury, A Former Shaw's, to Open Wednesday

Costco Opens in Rego Park Mall
15th New York store will feature kosher bakery as well as a pharmacy and 1-hour photo

Bison E. Coli Recall Widens; Retailers Listed
Las week's recall of Rocky Mountain National Meats' bison products has grown, and retailers are now being named. Albertsons stores are on the list, along with Giant Foods, Hannaford's, King Scooper's, Kroger's, Market Basket, Price Chopper's, Stop & Shops, Super Valu and Whole Foods.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid-Week News: Mon-Weds

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

UFCW Local 1657 Endorses Shelia Smoot in U.S. Congress Race
The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1657 announced its endorsements of Shelia Smoot in her bid as the Democratic candidate to represent Alabama's 7th Congressional District in the upcoming November elections. 

Labor unions are expected to spend generously this election year to support some initiatives, oppose other, and unseat a few lawmakers. 

UFCW, activists and labor groups to alert shoppers at supermarkets nationwide that Mott's is new poster child for corporate greed. 

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 will hold a "Freedom Solidarity Shop Week" July 5-12 at various Fred Meyer stores to support non-food employees who have been bargaining for months for a new contract. 

Labor unions in Chicago struck a deal to allow Wal-Mart to expand throughout the city, but unions in New York aren't so willing to budge. 

Every Chicagoan should know by now that Wal-Mart, who currently only has a single store in the city limits, plans to open about thirty new stores. 

A Michigan man has sued Wal-Mart Stores Inc for firing him after he tested positive for medical marijuana he was using legally to treat pain from an inoperable brain tumor and sinus cancer. 

Eduardo Castro-Wright, who was once seen as a candidate for chief executive of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., has been replaced as head of Wal-Mart's United States operations. 

The Bank of Wal-Mart has come to step closer to reality. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s Sam's Club unit is running a pilot program with Calif.-based Superior Financial Group to offer small business loans of $5,000 to $25,000. 

CHICAGO- A private equity firm that has invested in several retailers has taken a 9.5% stake in BJ's Wholesale Club Inc and said it might propose taking the warehouse club operator private.

Rite Aid Workers Rally at Calif. Distribution Center for Good Contract
More than 75 Rite Aid workers from the Southwest Distribution Center in Lancaster Calif. marched off the job during their lunch break this week to join supporters from dozen of other unions demanding that Rite Aid management negotiate a good contract. 

Striking workers at the Shaw's supermarket warehouse in Methuen, Mass., are gaining the support of political, community and religious leaders and union members across New England. 

CLINTON, NJ-- At ShopRite's official opening day last week, customers entering the doors to the new store in Clinton received free balloons for the kids, a single serving of Cheerios from an animated Lucky Charms, a Price Plus Club card for additional savings, and coupons. 

A Wegmans store in Germantown would mean lower prices and more choices for consumers, according to developers working with the New York grocery chain. 

Wegmans Food Markets in Woodbrige celebrates its students employees receiving scholarships through the Wegmans Employee Scholarship Program. Since the annual program began 27 years ago, Wegmans has awarded more than 24,000 of its employees with scholarships totaling more than $77 million. 

Challenge to Wegmans Liquor License to be heard by Woodbridge Council
WOODBRIDGE- VA- Township officials and the Wegmans supermarket are gearing up for a debate next month over local and state liquor license rules as the chain seeks to allow customers to buy liquor at its township store.

Citing confusion in the marketplace, Whole Foods Market Inc. is cracking down on organic standards for personal-care products.

The Super Stop & Shop supermarket on Jerusalem Avenue in North Bellmore closed Monday night temporarily for a major renovation. The pharmacy will remain open during construction. 

Bison meat is being recalled by a Colorado company over concerns about possible E. Colu contamination, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department. The USDA said the recalled bison meat was sold to stores nationwide between May 21 and May 27 and some people may have already been sickened. 

SOUTH DEERFIELD, Mass.- Mixixe, a Brazilian relative of the cucumber is relatively unknown in the U.S., but it may one day be as common as cilantro as farmers and consumers embrace more so-called ethnic vegetables. 

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags Are E Coli Risk: Going Green May Make You Sick
A study done University of Arizona found at least 50% of consumers' reusable shopping bags tested had E. Coli on them. Most bag owners never even wash the eco-friendly bags, making them a harbor for bacteria. 

SAN DIEGO, CA-- A billing banning single- use plastic bags in California passed another hurdle last week and now moves on to the Senate Appropriations Committee.  

More than 75 Rite Aid workers from the Southwest Distribution Center in Lancaster, Calif. marched off the job during their lunch break this week to join supporters from dozens of other unions demanding that Rite Aid (a drugstore chain) management negotiate a good contract.

UFCW Canada and Mexico's Federal District Unite Efforts to Protect Migrant Workers in Canada, as Well as Their Families

Striking workers at the Shaw’s supermarket warehouse in Methuen, Mass., are gaining the support of political, community and religious leaders and union members across New England.

The Super Stop & Shop supermarket on Jerusalem Avenue in North Bellmore closed Monday night temporarily for a major renovation. The pharmacy will remain open during construction.

The Bank of Wal-Mart has come a step closer to reality. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s Sam’s Club unit is running a pilot program with Calif.-based Superior Financial Group to offer small business loans of $5,000 to $25,000.

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