Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Support For Unions: Up

The latest results from the 2015 installment of Gallup’s annual Work and Education survey show that Americans’ approval of labor unions has jumped five percentage points to 58% over the past year, and is now at its highest point since 2008, when 59% approved. Consistent with the recent increase in approval of unions, the percentage of Americans saying they would like labor unions to have more influence in the country has also been rising, and now stands at 37%, up from 25% in 2009. Meanwhile, the percentage wanting unions to have less influence has declined from 42% to union survey

Making Overtime Right, For Everyone

At Local 1500 (and the entire UFCW) we believe that if you do the work, you deserve to be compensated.    

Unfortunately, not everyone has a voice on the job, and every day, millions of Americans work more than 40 hours per week with no pay. That’s because the salary threshold for overtime pay has been raised only once since 1975.

The current salary threshold is $23,660, which is lower than the federal poverty level for a family of four. This outdated system has given corporations a free pass to schedule low-level supervisors and managers for more than 40 hours per week without providing them with any overtime pay. 

But that’s about to change because the U.S. Department of Labor is raising the bar on employers by setting a higher salary threshold for overtime protection so that more salaried workers will be eligible to earn overtime when they work more than 40 hours in one week.  The proposed regulation will increase the overtime salary threshold to $50,440 per year by 2016, and extend overtime protection to almost 5 million additional workers, including those in the food and non-food retail sector. 

The new overtime regulation will benefit workers everywhere and make it harder for employers to misclassify workers as supervisors.  It is the most significant step the Obama Administration can take on its own to address our country’s low-wage, part-time economy, and will improve the standard of living for millions of Americans.

All workers deserve to be compensated for their hard work—so please take a few minutes to show your support by visiting:

Monday, August 17, 2015

Shelf Life Contract Ratified

Today workers from Shelf Life on Long Island ratified a new three year contract. The contract provides wage increases, maintains health benefits, and job security. "Congratulations to the negotiating committee, they fought hard, stuck together and delivered a contract they're proud of," President Bruce W. Both said.

Shelf Life operates on Long Island, New York.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Little Progress on Key Food Negotiations

August 16, 2015 Message to UFCW Members

Local 1500 along with Local 342 and Local 338 met with Key Food last week, marking the fourth meeting in the last month to discuss Key Food's acquisition of 17 A&P stores.

Again, during this meeting little progress was made. To be blunt, Key Food’s proposals are greedy, shortsighted and offensive to all of the hardworking men and women we represent. The company has been insistent in proposing that the the new owner has the right to reduce the pay of all employees, the right to reduce your hours and the right to reduce your health coverage at their own discretion.

Together, our unions have made it clear to Key Food that we will not accept any of concessionary proposals that would result in diminishing the lifestyles of our members. Key Food management has repeatedly been reminded that under the current A&P Term sheets, we have the right to all of our earned benefits and wages in the A&P contract. We expect them to fulfill their obligations under those Term sheets to our members and their families.

We have also made them aware that there are other companies bidding on these same stores that are certainly more than willing to work collectively with our unions than Key Food seems to be. Key Food is simply attempting to prey on the membership like they would a wounded animal. They are trying to take advantage of all of the men and women we represent who have already sacrificed more than enough, and who have done nothing but give their hard work and dedication to a poorly managed company.

Our next step is to continue to sit with Key Food management and try to negotiate a responsible new agreement. We are not obligated in any way to accept their greedy terms. In fact, Key Food is the one that has to make the decision. It’s our responsibility to insure the jobs we bargain for are jobs that will not only provide us with quality benefits and pay, but jobs our families can count on to support them for decades to come. We are exploring all options and you will continue to be notified of all new information. Once the negotiation process concludes, you will make the final decision to approve or reject what they are offering.

Although our priority and our first concern is for our members to continue to work without any loss, it is Local 1500, Local 342 and Local 338’s position that if Key Food was allowed to reduce pay by $5 per hour, reduce hours from 40 to 35 hours per week, and reduce health coverage from family plans to single that the damage would be catastrophic. Clearly our members would have a very hard time, and shouldn't have to exist under those conditions.

The proposed pay and hour cuts would equate to well over $250 per week in lost wages and the difference between a single and family medical plan could be as much as $600 to $700 per month. If that’s not enough, the company also has the arrogance to demand our members begin making a weekly contribution into this new inferior healthcare plan.

These terms are simply unacceptable. We are now more aggressively seeking other companies that are willing to purchase these same stores.

Bargaining with the rest of the employers that have bought A&P stores has not been nearly as disruptive or destructive as Key Food’s proposals are. None of the other companies are asking for our members to sacrifice anything even close to what Key Food is asking for. Why Key Food feels they are entitled to less is something that we can’t explain.

We have scheduled negotiations with other companies throughout next week.

Now that A&P is closing its doors, their stores have become something of a commodity pertaining to market share, and there are a lot of employers out there who are interested in purchasing that share.
Local 1500, Local 342 and Local 338 are not going to pull any punches and hold back any information that is associated with your lives, your contract, and your jobs. So we will continue to bring you updates on any bargaining that will take place next week and keep you updated on store purchases as soon as the information becomes available. Remember, if we stay united we will eventually succeed. 

It is Local 1500, Local 342 and Local 338’s main priority to make sure your jobs remain intact. We are not going into bargaining with a concessionary mindset. The companies that are coming to buy have no excuse to ask for anything less than what they are paying in the industry. Remember, it is our priority and our mission to preserve what we have, to move forward at all costs to avoid layoffs.

We Survive Together, or Not At All.

If you have any questions, please contact your Union Representative or simply reply to this email. We are here to help you in every way possible.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A&P Files for 1113(e)

Update on A&P Bankruptcy Developments

August 12, 2015

A&P has filed a motion seeking emergency, interim relief to modify its collective bargaining agreements with the UFCW and UFCW/RWDSU Local Unions under Section 1113(e) of the Bankruptcy Code.
A&P has asked that the hearing on the motion be heard before the Bankruptcy Court in White Plains, New York, on Monday, August 17, at 10 a.m.
While bankruptcy law favors companies like A&P, we are going to fight hard in negotiations and in court to protect our members and our contracts.

Your Local Union will be filing strong objections to this motion and opposing it in court because we find it to be totally unfair. You are the heart and soul of this company and have sacrificed more than enough already.

Some of the modifications to our contracts that A&P is seeking include:
  • Termination of all bumping provisions. 
  •  Severance to workers in stores that are closing will be paid up front, but will not exceed 25% of what is due according to your contract. 
Unfortunately, if the court rules in favor of the company and grants this motion, the modifications to our contracts that the company is seeking would go into effect immediately. Unless there are unusual circumstances, which we do not expect, the order by the judge cannot be appealed.
We understand the stress and concern that this terrible news will bring to you and all of our members.
We will fight tirelessly to make it very clear to A&P and the bankruptcy judge that A&P should honor its responsibilities to you and your families.  
FAQ sheets describing in more detail the 1113(e) bankruptcy process will be distributed to members later today.
If you have any questions, please contact your Union Representative. We are here to help you in every way possible. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What is a WARN Notice?


A&P has informed the UFCW/RWDSU that it plans to issue WARN notices to all of our members working for the company. Unfortunately, these WARN notices inform workers that they may be laid off within 60-90 days due to store closures.

Workers are required by law in some circumstances to receive a WARN notice when an employer believes that it may no longer employ them. 

What is a WARN Notice? Read the quick fact sheet here.

Private sector employers in New York State that employ more than 50 are required to issue a WARN notice 90 days before closing a plant. They must also notify when there is a layoff that affects 33 percent of the workforce (at least 25 notice to employees, their representatives,workers) or 250 workers from a single employment site. They must send the State Labor Department and local workforce investment partners.

The A&P company has indicated that they will be sending out the letters tomorrow (update: letters have been confirmed and sent out) and are having their managers conduct in-store meetings to discuss the notice.

While some of our members may face a layoff at the end of this process, many others will remain working in stores that are sold. At this point our contracts are still in effect.

The company has received bids from Ahold, Albertsons, and Key Foods to buy stores. A list of these stores can be found attached in Exhibit A. At this time, we are currently bargaining with the above companies in anticipation of these bids being successful.

Also attached is Exhibit B. This list shows which stores have not yet received bids from potential buyers. We expect that a number of these stores will eventually be sold. However, at this time, we don’t know which or how many of these stores will be sold.  

Whether your store is being bought by a new employer or closed, we understand the concern and impact that these changes are having upon you and your family. You will be updated as soon as we learn any more information. 

We understand that the uncertainty of this situation is causing enormous stress, but please know we are here to help and support you and your family in every way we can.

Our Union, with the resources and support of the UFCW International/ RWDSU, is fighting to best protect your rights and save as many jobs as possible.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Union Representative.

Exhibit A
#             Store #            Banner                      City State
1             70927                A&P Wall                  Township NJ
2             70205                A&P                           Yorktown NY
3             70620                A&P                           Midland    Park NJ
4             70677                A&P                           Mahwah NJ
5             70408                A&P                           New Providence NJ
6             70233                Superfresh                 Philadelphia PA
7             70787                A&P                           Thornwood NY
8             70479                A&P Fort                   Lee NJ
9             70659                A&P                           Woodcliff Lake NJ
10           70186                A&P                           Yonkers NY
11           70107                A&P                           Mohegan Lake NY
12           70649                A&P                           Denville NJ
13           70640                A&P                           Jersey City NJ
14           72112                Pathmark                    Jersey City NJ
15           70639                A&P                           Allendale NJ
16           70784                A&P                           Crotonon Hudson NY
17           70154                A&P                           Brewster NY
18           70867                A&P                           Kenilworth NJ
19           70650                A&P                           South Plainfield NJ
20           70642                A&P                           Jefferson Township NJ
21           70621                A&P                           Vernon NJ
22           70185                A&P                           Yonkers NY
Exhibit A
#             Store #            Banner                      City State
23           70821                A&P                           Little Silver NJ
24           70606                A&P                           Hoboken NJ
25           70207                A&P                           Goldens Bridge NY
26           70167                A&P                           Hopewell Junction NY
27           72181                Pathmark                    Elmwood Park NJ
28           70768                A&P                           Bronxville NY
29           70864                A&P                           Montclair NJ
30           70874                Superfresh                 Ocean City MD
31           70780                A&P                           Stamford CT
32           70773                A&P                           Bedford NY
33           72190                Pathmark                    Edgewater NJ
34           70164                A&P                           Mahopac NY
35           70826                A&P                           Clark NJ
36           70208                A&P                           Millwood NY
37           70908                A&P                           Ortley Beach NJ
38           70684                A&P                           Sussex NJ
39           70728                A&P                           Rye Brook NY
40           70740                A&P                           Greenwich CT
41           70763                A&P                           Briarcliff Manor NY
42           70456                A&P                           Blairstown NJ
43           70750                A&P                           Riverside CT
44           76710                Pathmark                    Philadelphia PA
Exhibit A
#             Store #            Banner                      City State
45           70766                A&P                          Eastchester NY
46           70664                A&P                           Park Ridge NJ
47           70786                A&P                           Greenburgh NY
48           70189                Superfresh                 Haverton PA
49           70153                A&P                           Shrub Oak NY
50           70761                A&P                           West New York NJ
51           70516                A&P                           New Rochelle NY
52           70094                A&P                           Pleasant Valley NY
53           70500                A&P                           New Canaan CT
54           70626                A&P                           Tinton Falls NJ
55           72178                Pathmark                    Weehawken NJ
56           70811                A&P                           Old Bridge NJ
57           72194                Pathmark                    Bergenfield NJ
58           70471                Superfresh                 Manahawkin NJ
59           70391                A&P                           Saddle Brook NJ
60           72186                Pathmark                    Newark NJ
61           70252                Superfresh                 Richboro PA
62           70584                Superfresh                 Wilmington DE
63           70730                Superfresh                 Philadelphia PA
64           70477                Superfresh                 Ocean City NJ
65           72587                Pathmark                    Ventnor NJ
66           76725                Pathmark                    Philadelphia PA
Exhibit A
#             Store #            Banner                      City State
67           70747                Superfresh                 Philadelphia PA
68           70801                A&P                           Warrenville NJ
69           70559                Superfresh                 Rehoboth DE
70           72590                Pathmark                    Newark DE
71           72586                Pathmark                    Wilmington DE
72           70474                Superfresh                 Wildwood NJ
73           76585                Pathmark                    Boothwyn PA
74           70293                Superfresh                 Wynnewood PA
75           70294                Superfresh                 Gladwynne PA
76           70588                Superfresh                 Newark DE
77           70226                A&P                           Mt Kisco NY
78           72270                Pathmark                    South Orange NJ
79           72633                Pathmark                    Franklin Square NY
80           72608                Pathmark                    Greenvale NY
81           72667                Pathmark                    Bronx NY
82           72647                Pathmark                    Bronx NY
83           72619                Pathmark                    Brooklyn NY
84           72638                Pathmark                    Brooklyn NY
85           72616                Pathmark                    Jamaica NY
86           72626                Pathmark                    Ozone Park NY
87           72622                Pathmark                    Whitestone NY
88           70658                Waldbaums               Long Beach NY
Exhibit A
#             Store #           Banner                        City State
89           70465              Waldbaums                 Massapequa NY
90           72625              Pathmark                     Seaford NY
91           70260              Waldbaums                 Southampton NY
92           70452              Waldbaums                 Baldwin NY
93           70651              Waldbaums                 Howard Beach NY
94           70236              Waldbaums                 Huntington NY
95           72685              Pathmark                     Staten Island NY
96           70257              Waldbaums                 Easthampton NY
97           70616              Waldbaums                 Bell Harbor NY
98           72661              Pathmark                     Bronx NY
99           70632              Waldbaums                 Bay Terrace NY
100         70695              A&P                             Closter NJ
101         72284              Pathmark                     Kinnelon NJ
102         59502              Food Basics                Paterson NJ
103         70295              Waldbaums                 Flushing NY
104         70657              Waldbaums                 Bayside NY
105         70669              Waldbaums                 Albertson NY
106         59504              Food Basics               Glen Rock NJ
107         70655              Waldbaums                 Glen Head NY
108         70762              A&P                             Bronx NY
109         70442              Waldbaums                 Howard Beach NY
110         36715              Food Emporium          New York NY
Exhibit A
#             Store #              Banner                     City State
111         70749                 A&P                          Harrison NY
112         59524                 Food Basics             Fairview NJ
113         70296                 Waldbaums              Brooklyn NY
114         70641                 Waldbaums              Jackson Heights NY
115         72637                 Pathmark                  Brooklyn NY
116         70292                 Waldbaums              South Flatbush NY
117         70613                 Waldbaums              Glen Oaks NY
118         70849                 Waldbaums              Rosebank NY

Exhibit B
#             Store #              Banner                     City State
1             19129                 A&P                          Old Lyme CT
2             19243                 A&P                          New Canaan CT
3             70586                 Superfresh               New Castle DE
4             72593                 Pathmark                  New Castle DE
5             70888                 A&P                          Ocean City MD
6             59512                 Food Basics             North Bergen NJ
7             70638                 A&P                          Pompton Lks NJ
8             70439                 A&P                          Wash. Twp NJ
9             70441                 A&P                          Old Tappan NJ
10           70685                 A&P                          W Milford NJ

Exhibit B
#             Store #              Banner                     City State
11           70701                 A&P                          Woodland Park NJ
12           37866                 A&P                          Pt Pleasant NJ
13           70887                 A&P                          N Brunswick NJ
14           37995                 A&P                          Palis. Park NJ
15           72114                 Pathmark                  Jersey City NJ
16           72198                 A&P Live Better     Fair Lawn NJ
17           19918                 A&P                          New York, NY
18           70794                 A&P                          Vley Cottage NY
19           70232                 Waldbaums              West Hampton NY
20           70769                 A&P                          Hast. Huds NY
21           36732                 Food Emporium       New York NY
22           70813                 Waldbaums              Staten Is. NY
23           72171                 Pathmark                  Staten Island NY
24           72297                 Pathmark                  Port Chester NY
25           72602                 Pathmark                  Bay Shore NY
26           72603                 Pathmark                  New York NY
27           72609                 Pathmark                  New York NY
28           72611                 Pathmark                  East Rockaway NY
29           72615                 Pathmark                  North Babylon NY
30           72644                 Pathmark                  West Babylon NY
31           72664                 Pathmark                  Dix Hills NY
32           72678                 Pathmark                  Staten Island NY
Exhibit B
#             Store #              Banner                     City State
33           72679                 Pathmark                  Staten Island NY
34           72682                 Pathmark                  Staten Island NY
35           70223                 Waldbaums              Garden City NY
36           70229                 Waldbaums              Ctr Moriches NY
37           70241                 Waldbaums              N Patchogue NY
38           70275                 Waldbaums              College Pt. NY
39           70277                 Waldbaums              E. Setauket NY
40           70601                 Waldbaums              Stony Brook NY
41           70611                 Waldbaums              Rocky Point NY
42           70617                 Waldbaums              Great Neck NY
43           70434                 Waldbaums              East Meadow NY
44           70699                 Waldbaums              Deer Park NY
45           36703                 Food Emporium       New York NY
46           36706                 Food Emporium       New York NY
47           36707                 Food Emporium       New York NY
48           36708                 Food Emporium       New York NY
49           36711                 Food Emporium       New York NY
50           36727                 Food Emporium       New York NY
51           36742                 Food Emporium       New York NY
52           36777                 Food Emporium       New York NY
53           36783                 Food Emporium       New York NY
54           70718                 Superfresh               New Hope PA
Exhibit B
#             Store #              Banner                     City State
55           72529                 Pathmark                  Fairless Hills PA
56           72568                 Pathmark                  Upper Darby PA
57           72649                 Pathmark                  New Hyde Park NY
58           72604                 Pathmark                  Por tJefferson  NY
59           19106                 A&P                          Newington CT
60           19110                 A&P                          Mystic CT
61           19119                 A&P                          Newington CT
62           19121                 A&P                          Waterford CT
63           19246                 A&P                          Riverside CT
64           19254                 A&P                          Ridgefield CT
65           70194                 A&P                          Peekskill NY
66           70003                 A&P                          Arthursburg NY
67           59036                 Food Basics             Paterson NJ
68           70074                 A&P Live Better     Danbury CT
69           19104                 A&P                          Bristol CT
70           70126                 A&P                          Patterson NY
71           70417                 A&P                          BaskingRidge NJ
72           59506                 Food Basics             Belleville NJ
73           59510                 Food Basics             Philadelphia PA
74           59530                 Food Basics             Philadelphia PA
75           70263                 Waldbaums              Mattituck NY
76           59501                 Food Basics             Passaic NJ
Exhibit B
#             Store #              Banner                     City State
77           37602                 A&P                          Hackettstown NJ
78           70610                 A&P                          Boonton NJ
79           70618                 A&P                          Fairview NJ
80           37661                 A&P                          Westwood NJ
81           70668                 A&P                          Wayne NJ
82           70688                 A&P                          Randolph NJ
83           70752                 A&P                          Bloomfield NJ
84           70515                 A&P                          Edison NJ
85           70806                 A&P                          Califon NJ
86           70807                 A&P                          Washington NJ
87           37814                 A&P                          Summit NJ
88           37872                 A&P                          Metuchen NJ
89           70936                 A&P                          Belvidere NJ
90           70802                 A&P                          Bricktown NJ
91           70895                 A&P                          Fanwood NJ
92           37905                 A&P                          Haskell NJ
93           70924                 A&P                          Navesink NJ
94           70956                 A&P                          Marlboro NJ
95           70949                 A&P                          Clinton NJ
96           70951                 A&P                          Hackettstown NJ
97           37993                 A&P                          Ledgewood NJ
98           70982                 Superfresh               Philadelphia PA
Exhibit B
#             Store #              Banner                      City State
99           72153                 Pathmark                  Hackensack NJ
100         72223                 Pathmark                  Newark NJ
101         72224                 Pathmark                  Irvington NJ
102         72261                 Pathmark                  Landing NJ
103         72280                 Pathmark                  Montclair NJ
104         72282                 Pathmark                  Parsippany NJ
105         72286                 Pathmark                  Woodport NJ
106         72288                 Pathmark                  Elizabeth NJ
107         72292                 Pathmark                  Nanuet NY
108         72293                 Pathmark                  Yonkers NY
109         72298                 Pathmark                  Yonkers NY
110         72299                 Pathmark                  Ramsey NJ
111         72436                 Pathmark                  Middlesex NJ
112         72450                 Pathmark                  Garwood NJ
113         72522                 A&P Live Better     Philadelphia PA
114         72527                 Pathmark                  Hopelawn NJ
115         72528                 Pathmark                  Wyncote PA
116         72532                 Pathmark                  Philadelphia PA
117         72550                 Pathmark                  Philadelphia PA
118         72552                 Pathmark                  Philadelphia PA
119         72553                 Pathmark                  Philadelphia PA
120         72556                 Pathmark                  Philadelphia PA

Exhibit B
#             Store #              Banner                      City State
121         72557                 Pathmark                  Philadelphia PA
122         72558                 Pathmark                  Brookhaven PA
123         72569                 Pathmark                  Glenolden PA
124         72573                 Pathmark                  Hazlet NJ
125         72578                 Pathmark                  Brick NJ
126         72580                 Pathmark                  Avenel NJ
127         72600                 Pathmark                  Brentwood NY
128         72614                 Pathmark                  Patchogue NY
129         72624                 Pathmark                  Brooklyn NY
130         72634                 Pathmark                  Brooklyn NY
131         72639                 Pathmark                  Islip NY
132         72641                 Pathmark                  Holbrook NY
133         72642                 Pathmark                  Brooklyn NY
134         72646                 Pathmark                  Shirley NY
135         72652                 Pathmark                  Massapequa NY
136         72653                 Pathmark                  Bethpage NY
137         70214                 Waldbaums              Hauppauge NY
138         70235                 Waldbaums              Brooklyn NY
139         70240                 Waldbaums              Brooklyn NY
140         70251                 Waldbaums              Lindenhurst NY
141         70256                 Waldbaums              Massapequa NY
Exhibit B
#             Store #              Banner                      City State
142         70270                 Waldbaums              Whitestone NY
143         70279                 Waldbaums              Merrick NY
144         70288                 Waldbaums              Oakdale NY
145         70289                 Waldbaums              Jericho NY
146         70298                 Waldbaums              Melville NY
147         70662                 Waldbaums              Selden NY
148         70203                 Waldbaums              Commack NY
149         70217                 Waldbaums              Greenlawn NY
150         70151                 A&P                          Mamaroneck NY
151         70192                 A&P                          Scarsdale NY
152         59503                 Food Basics             Brooklyn NY
153         72610                 Pathmark                  New York NY