Friday, June 27, 2014

What Happened This Week? Top 10 Stories: June 27, 2014: Obama, Fox News, Walmart is Angry at the NY Times

Just as President Both pointed out in his June column, NYTimes Editorialist Timothy Egan notes that Washington has stopped trying to help the majority of Americans who need it, and a solution could easily come from our largest employer.

Following an editorial from the Times, Walmart replied by literally mocking up the piece on their corporate blog, with "facts", The Salon and the world, isn't buying it.
More studies on the gender wage gap in our country
The illegally fired workers have launched a website to garnish more support for their fight against a multi-national employer, check it out.
If you haven't heard, Republicans want to sue President Obama.  Yes, you read it right.  Well, even Fox News says, enough with the games, and fix America's problems.
Do your celebration right on the nation's birthday.  Products made by union workers.
An editorial warning from a billionaire.
Shameless Plugs: