Friday, February 8, 2013

We Stand In Solidarity w/ New England UFCW Stop & Shop Workers

Current Stop & Shop fruitbowl logo, shared wit...
Current Stop & Shop fruitbowl logo, shared with Giant-Landover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
UFCW Local 1500 leadership and our 23,000 members are standing in solidarity with our 33,000 brothers and sisters working at Stop & Shop, represented by UFCW Locals 328, 371, 919, 1445, and 1459 during contract negotiations still continuing ongoing.

 “All of us in the UFCW must stand with the New England Locals and help them secure the best possible contract for their members,” said Secretary-Treasurer Anthony Speelman Even though negotiations were still taking place, Stop & Shop choose to place ads in newspapers seeking to hire replacement workers in the case of a strike or lockout as a scare tactic.

 “The threat to hire replacement workers by Stop and Shop always has and always will fail to scare or divide UFCW members in any part of the Country,” said Speelman “ I guarantee you that any attempt to do that in Local 1500’s negotiations this Fall will be met with a forceful response from the New York State labor movement.”

 Members can show their support for the new England Stop and Shop workers by sending a tweet @UFCWUnited, visting them at or liking them on Facebook at
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